The Caps Road Crew would like to remind all fans that when visiting another team's arena, you are their guest and are representing not only yourself and the Caps Road Crew, but the Capitals organization and their fans as well. Please use common sense and discretion while a visitor. The Caps Road Crew has a few simple guidelines we would like for everyone to remember when traveling with us:

  • Please cheer loudly and proudly for our team, but keep your cheers and comments in support of the Caps and do your best to refrain from any negative or inflammatory comments directed at the Caps' opponents or their supporters.
  • We travel to show our support for the Caps. The Caps Road Crew frowns upon derogatory comments being directed at the Caps collectively or individually. No one likes the bad end of a 6-2 rout, but remember that the players don't like it anymore than the fans do.
  • Please remember that drinking and driving do not mix. When following your own travel plans, we remind you to think intelligently about the decisions you make when it comes to alcohol. When we are on a bus trip, the Caps Road Crew encourages you to exercise discipline over your consumption of alcohol, even when you do not have to drive upon returning to the D.C. area. Please exercise a degree of moderation out of respect for your fellow fans attending the trip.
  • When riding on the buses, please be mindful of your fellow fans and be considerate of them. We all want the best trip possible, win or lose!
  • Any conduct considered detrimental to the Caps Road Crew or the Capitals organization may result in individuals being banned from future trips. We seldom have any problems of such an extreme manner and hope to keep it that way!

No one needs to be reminded of the incidents that occur when overzealous, obnoxious, and often drunk fans come into our home arena, Verizon Center, to support the visiting team. Sometimes it is difficult to tell whether they are in attendance to support their team or harass our team and fans. We have the opportunity to set the bar and let the fans across the NHL know that the Caps have not only the most dedicated fans in the NHL, but fans that display sportsmanship and class unmatched in sports. But most importantly, let's have fun!