End of Season News

Go Caps!

This season certainly presented an unusual set of challenges for both the team and the fans but it is still sad to see it end so soon. May the players and personnel enjoy a well-earned summer break to refuel the tank for next season.

It has been challenging for the Crew and our Roadies as well with more last-minute trip changes in a year than we usually see in a decade. After a short break for some site maintenance, we’re eager to get back at it planning next season’s schedule.  Stay tuned for details!

Offseason Homework

The past two seasons has seen a TON of people relocating to parts far and wide. We keep a list of Caps fans in enemy territory so if you live outside the DMV and want to be sure to be included on our activities in your area, shoot me an email with your zip code and I’ll update our records.

I expect that many of our trips this season will be again be geared towards those Caps fans local to the venue so keeping this list current is more valuable than ever. We love seeing our fellow fans on the road!

Summer Fun!

With the jerseys packed up for the season, we can’t wait to see everyone in their Caps tees enjoying the summer!  We hope to see you representing in the Beer Garden at PQST and when the frozen drinks are this good, why wouldn’t you?

Stay safe Babes!