The Origins of the Crew
The CapsRoadCrew was started in December 2000 by co-founders Jay Brooke and Glenn MacDiarmid. With a love of hockey and the open road, Brooke and MacDiarmid began the Crew with the intention of expanding the base of Caps fans worldwide. Tired of attending games at MCI Center where thousands of fans for teams like the Flyers, Rangers and Penguins crowded the stands, the Crew attempts to fight fire with fire by leading the ever expanding base of Caps fans on adventures near and far. By plane, train, bus or automobile, the CapsRoadCrew will be coming to an arena near you soon!
Our Travels
To date, our trips have taken Caps fans to all the NHL arenas in the Eastern Conference and many in the West. For a list of our trips and the photos from them, click on the corresponding buttons to the left.
Our Look
The original primary logo of the CapsRoadCrew was designed by Malcolm McGaughy and was in wide use throughout the 2000 through 2004 seasons. It was phased out in 2005.
This alternate logo was also designed by Malcolm McGaughy at the same time as the above logo and was used on the site after the lockout of 2004. Its use was phased out after that season.
Malcolm McGaughy created another logo, utilizing the head of the swooping eagle on the Caps' white jerseys, at the same time as those above. It was updated to the version on display here by Sam Wolk, the current webmaster, in 2005 and became the primary logo on all CRC media at that time.
When the Capitals changed their colors and logo, the Crew knew it had to follow suit. Sam Wolk designed the current logo using elements from the new team uniforms.